A Bit of Background

The purpose of this film is to draw attention to a myriad of issues and illuminate how important live music is to all members of the community, as well as prompting our society to find solutions that will help support musicians, music education and independent venues during this time of crisis, ensuring that our vibrant musical culture is preserved and furthered.

The live music industry was the first to close and last to reopen due to the Covid pandemic.  Many independent venues permanently closed and the ones that remained are only still here due to the amazing efforts of organizations such as NIVA.  Musicians were cut off from playing with each other and for others for over a year, which not only had an effect on their livelihood but also was very emotionally challenging for them.  

     Many have said that we already had entered an age of cultural apocalypse when it comes to live music because of the internet prior to Covid 19 sweeping the globe.  Fans do not have to leave their homes to watch their favorite bands play live sets anymore because of video sites like Youtube and, nor do they have to walk to the record store and buy an album in order to listen to the music they prefer when there are so many cheap and free download and streaming music sites--which pay little to no revenue to musicians.  Despite this, live music is still extremely important to our society on both psychological and economic levels.  Live music brings communities together, lifts spirits and allows people to escape the stress and depression of their daily lives, especially when they were secluded in their homes by governmental mandate.  Live music also brings in millions of dollars of revenue to local economies by bolstering sales of food and drink at venues, filling hotels and motels, filling taxis and rideshares and the list goes on.  Despite this musicians are underpaid and undervalued, and the system is not built to support most independent acts.  Cities across America have been slowly losing small venues for decades, but the COVID pandemic shutdown has endangered the livelihood of even long standing favorite venues to a far greater degree than ever before. 

This film will document the effects of the pandemic on the live music industry but will most importantly highlight the silver linings that many of us found while having the time to sit back and reflect.  We, the filmmakers, hope that audiences that watch it will be inspired to create a future that better supports the entire ecosystem that live music is in a more sustainable and equitable way.